Stretch fabrics


Gioadri uses only “Stretch” fabrics.

The stretch fabrics all contain a variable percentage of Elastane which gives our garments a comfortable, enveloping fit while flattering the body shape. We like to experiment with textiles ranging from Cotton, Poplin, Satin, Silks, Jersey both plain and jacquard, right up to knitted wools. The research of fabrics is Giorgia’s true passion, one would even dare to call it her obsession.

All the garments are entirely made in our workshops in Italy and are made to measure, this allows us to provide tailor-made clothes that fully satisfy the needs of every customer.

We customize our garments based on the fabric, colour, length of the hem, of the sleeves and can even merge two different sizes if required (eg Shoulders TG 44 / Bust TG 46). In some special garments, such as coats made in collaboration with our lovely Maltipoo mascot Gina, we can personalise clothing with embroidered initials.

This year, as an additional service for our beloved clients, we have also introduced “Gioadri Limited Edition”: small capsule collections that are renewed every month, made using exclusive fabrics that will be available to create a limited number of garments only.